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Exercise for Better Sex

Did you know that more babies are conceived in December than any other month of the year? Did you also know that more than twice as many condoms are purchased the week before Christmas than the week after? There is something so inviting about a nice warm bed when the weather is cold. Why not up your game (as well as your connection to your partner) with some physical fitness? To improve your sexual experience physically and mentally I suggest giving these exercises a try...

Breathe with your partner:
A great way to establish a physical and mental connection with your partner prior to sex is through the breath. Not only will you connect with each other, but some deep cleansing breaths will release you from tension and stress, allowing you to be open and present for your partner. 

Your homework: “I’ve got your back” Breathing
Sit back to back with your partner in a cross legged position. Make sure you are sitting tall and allowing your backs to touch. Begin to take deep, cleansing abdominal breaths. Concentrate on your exhale. Allow all the air to empty from your lungs before taking your next inhale. Slowly try to sync your breath to the rhythm of your partner's breath. Feel the rise and fall of their body as they breathe. After a few minutes you should feel as if you are breathing as one. Proceed with wild love making!;)

Strengthen your core and lower body:
Unless you always want to be the partner laying on your back in missionary position, you will need good muscle endurance, especially in your lower body and core. There is nothing worse than having to switch sexual positions right when things are getting good! Plus, being able to move freely creates more opportunity to experiment, explore, or find that one sweet spot.

Your homework: Chair Pose
Stand with your feet hips width apart. Push your hips back and sit low (as if there is an imaginary chair behind you). Tuck your pelvis slightly so that your lower back lengthens and your core muscles engage. Your arms should be by your ears with palms facing in toward one another. If this is too challenging, your arms can be straight out in front of you parallel to the floor. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths. Try doing this in sets of 3.

Strengthen your pelvic floor:
Having good control over your pelvic floor is one of the best ways to achieve an orgasm for both men and women. Yes, guys, you should be doing your Kegels too! The pelvic floor muscles contract when we orgasm.
The stronger the muscle, the more intense your orgasm will be. Nuff said.

Your homework: The Kegel
Inhale deeply. Exhale and engage your pelvic floor. Try to stay engaged for the entire exhale. Sometimes it helps to imagine you have an elevator rising up from your bottom to your belly as you breathe out. Make sure you are not squeezing your thighs or butt when you engage! Repeat in sets of 10, 3 to 5 times per day. Read my blog post from August to learn more about the pelvic floor.

5 Reasons to be a Fit Bride (besides looking good on the big day)

I will admit I have been neglecting my fitness blog lately...because I'm planning my wedding!! It is so very exciting AND so very time consuming...But I thought I could incorporate my wedding planning into a helpful blog entry for other brides (and grooms).

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that a lot of time, energy, and money go into making that one day spectacular. The key phrase here is "ONE day."  While it is necessary to take the time to properly prepare for such an important event, it can be dangerous to put so much focus on a single day. What about all the other days that follow?  What about a whole life of being married to your new spouse? I am trying to keep a healthy perspective by looking at the big picture.  I want to prepare for a marriage, not just for a wedding. And in regards to exercise, it is easy to find reasons to get fit (besides looking awesome when you walk down the aisle…which is also important.;) ).

1 - Stress relief

As a bride you are researching vendors, juggling guest lists, spending way too much money, and still expected to exercise and eat right in your “spare time.”
This is a joyful time in your life, but yes, it can be stressful.
One of the best ways to relieve stress is to stay physically active.
When you exercise your brain releases increased levels of the feel good neurotransmitters called endorphins.  Your mood is instantly lifted.
Also, repetitive movement (such as yoga, swimming, or running) often creates a kind of meditation for the mind. You are focused on the movements and the breath, allowing the to-do lists and worries melt away.

2 - Stronger immune system

With all the things to take care of and the big day approaching, the last thing you need is to get sick. You want to stay in optimal health. People who exercise have few colds and illnesses because of an increase in macrophages, the cells that fight off bacteria and viruses.  Don’t add “make a doctor’s appointment” to the checklist.

3 - Better sex

This is such an awesome time for you and your partner. It’s official— you have found the love of your life! Enjoy it! Daily moderate exercise will increase cardio endurance, flexibility, and strength—all things that are helpful in the bedroom.
Women who exercise are more likely to orgasms. Plus, your self confidence and body image improves when you exercise, so you may be in the mood more often.

4 - Easier transition into motherhood

I know this one may not be for everyone, but if you see yourself having children in the future, it is important start exercising yesterday.  Not only will increased strength help during pregnancy and childbirth, it will also make it easier to get rid of the baby belly after the little one is born.  Flexibility training will help to open the hips for the birth, and will relieve some of the aches and pains that come with the territory of living in a changing body.  In addition, breath work, moderate activity, and meditation help with the stressful moments experienced in postnatal life.

5 - Longevity

This is the most important reason the keep up with your fitness routine!  You want to live a long, happy life with your new spouse.  You want to stay as healthy as you can for as long as you can.  Daily exercise decreases risk or heat disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers.  Your joints, muscles, and vital organs will stay functioning longer, and your mental well being is protected when you stay active. Start exercising now! It shows respect and love for yourself and for your future husband.

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