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December 2015

Exercise Your Resolution

January is almost here! Have you decided on a resolution for 2016? If so, maybe you can bulk it up to see lasting change in the new year. Folks often feel disappointed in themselves come spring (or sooner) for failing to be resolute. Maybe it’s not the person who is to blame, but the resolution itself? Lose weight, eat better, make money, stop drinking, start saving… These are common (and empty) resolutions that do not lead to success. I often talk about how specificity is key when establishing and reaching goals, so when came across this resolution exercise I just had to share! It solidifies goals and allows the individual to truly define what their ideal vision of the future should be.

Here's what you do…

Write a letter to yourself to be sealed and opened on January 1st, 2017. Make sure to store it in a safe place. In this letter outline everything you wish to accomplish this year. Try to write down your goals AND the actions you are planning to take to reach them. Get detailed = Big goals, little goals, fears, excitements, obstacles.

Then describe what the ideal outcome would be. What is your ideal vision of YOU? And how does it feel to be living that ideal? Create a clear picture of what you want your life to look like by this time next year. Again, be as detailed as possible!

When you are finished, your letter will act as a map. You have to have a route to get where you are going before you set out on a journey, right? This exercise can propel you past the general “lose weight” or “eat better” goals and set you up for concrete results. There is also the added pressure of knowing you will be the one re-opening the letter next year.  Don’t let your future self down! Give it a try and happy new year!

"Acting" like a Business Owner

Once upon a time I was an actor. I worked hard, networked, created, studied, and struggled along with all the other actors in the industry... But gradually, like the slow tearing off of a band aid, I gave up performing. I found that my work as a personal trainer and yoga instructor was not only paying my bills, but it was a more rewarding path for me personally. Part of me thought that I was about to let all those years of dedication to the performing arts go to waste. But as I built a business, I realized that the skills I used as an actor were helping me succeed. I attribute my business’ success on the principles I learned as an actor (and hiring others who share the same principles). What is it that translates from the performing arts to the fitness industry so well?

As an actor I was taught that if you are not 5 minutes early, then you are late. I had 50 other talented and qualified actors waiting in the wings to take my job, so I was sure to professionalism a priority. Performers are, in fact, running a small business. They carry marketing materials such as head shots and business cards everywhere they go. Their style, attitude, and commitment to the profession is key. They have to be on time, organized, and ready to execute on the task at hand. Either that or they are replaced.
This way of thinking has benefited me as I have grown Mind Body Fitness from the ground up, and this level of professionalism is what I look for in the people I hire. That's why I can proudly say that we have grown from a one woman show to a 11 person cast in a few years. We could not have done that without being hyper-professional.

Body Awareness
For any performer, the body is your instrument. It needs to be fine-tuned. Health, self-care, fitness, and nutrition are priorities to the intelligent performers. If the body is not functioning correctly, then the performer is out of work.  Not only do they know how to care for themselves, but they also know how to carry themselves, move through space, and use correct alignment. When I am teaching a yoga class I can always spot an actor or dancer before they even mention it to me. They have true body awareness. This is an essential trait for anyone working in the health and fitness industry. Our clients look to us for guidance and inspiration.  The ability to demonstrate and lead by example is a must. 

Ability to connect
The beautiful thing about actors, dancers, and singers is that they often have the ability to genuinely connect to those around them.  They make friends with others. They make people feel comfortable, and they create an atmosphere of acceptance, collaboration, and encouragement.  I truly believe that’s why a majority of our clients stick with their program. They enjoy the time spent with their trainer.  It is not a chore. It is not torture. Instead, it is an enjoyable part of their weekly routine.  They are working together with their trainer to create a work of art… Themselves!

I am so grateful for all my life experiences, and how they help me to grow. There are some things I miss about my previous career.  One day I may revisit the stage, but for now the work I am doing is fun, rewarding, and a continuous learning process, much like life as an actor.  

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