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The 2nd Pregnancy: Tips to stay fit!

With only about 6 more weeks to go in my second pregnancy, I thought I would share my thoughts on maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle this time around.  So far I have managed to keep up a moderate fitness routine, eat healthy (with some exceptions…ice cream), and gain only the minimal amount of weight (19lbs in 34 weeks). It probably goes without saying that there are many challenges, maybe even more so than the first pregnancy, but there are also positives that come with experience.  I’ve been trying to keep tabs on both…Hopefully my insight will be comforting to some!

The challenges lie mostly in the time and energy department.  Having a toddler is demanding (to say the least).  Chasing your strong willed two year old around while picking up toys and old raisins from the floor is tiring. Add a work schedule to that, and you find yourself tempted to skip basic household chores, much less fit in a workout. 

It is not one sided though… While there are hurdles to overcome, there are also some pros to the second pregnancy that actually make it easier to stay fit. Confidence is helpful for sure.  After you have lived through one pregnancy and a few years of motherhood, you gain a new resilience and an inner strength. You worry less, feel more confident in your choices, and may even want to do it better than you did with the first.  Not to mention trips to the park, tickle fights, and endless piles of laundry tend to keep one in shape.

My advice on staying motivated for the second pregnancy?  Do it for your baby, and do it for you.  Mothers who stay active throughout their pregnancy gain less weight, are less likely to develop gestational diabetes, and are thought to have easier labors. More importantly, they have healthier babies with better heart rate variability and birth weights. Exercise can also cut down on everyday fatigue. Also, keep in mind that there will be less work to do post baby if you haven’t been sitting around for 9 months!

Try to make exercise part of your everyday routine. Shoot for 30 minutes of light cardio 4 to 5 days per week, plus 2 strength training workouts per week (weights or yoga). Make sure to keep it moderate. You should always be able to speak a full sentence without taking a breath. Also, stay hydrated, and listen to your body. If you choose a nap over a workout here and there don’t beat yourself up.  It may be just what your body and baby needed in that moment. 

Some practical tips…It helps to get the workout in during the day time hours, otherwise it may not happen. Your child’s nap time is prime time to work out, if it still exists.  If you need to include your little one into the mix try taking a long brisk walk with the stroller, or have a dance party in your living room, OR try some parent/child yoga.  Some exercise is better than none, and it could be a fun activity for both of you.  Lately I find myself savoring the alone time with my daughter… pretty soon my attention will be split! Keep in mind I know of some really awesome personal trainers who can help you on this journey if need be. Good luck and stay strong!

*Photo Credit: Jess Murphy

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