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December 2014

Gifts Ideas for Healthy Living

If you are in need of some shopping inspiration take a look at some of my personal favs below.  Everything here promotes a healthy living (inside and out), and FYI – I have not received any financial reward to endorse these products.  I just like them!:)

Eye Pillows for the Yogi:
Scented eye pillows can be used at the end of your yoga practice or at the end of a grueling day. They are weighted just enough to put pressure on the eyes, which stimulates the vagus nerve and sends your parasympathetic nervous system into relaxation mode. Wonderful! 

Couch to 5K for the Couch Potato:
Only $1.99 on Itunes, this app is more of a stocking stuffer than an under the tree kind of gift, but it is perfect for the couch potato who dreams of changing their ways.  Couch to 5K gives simple and effective workouts to ease you into running safely. Maybe pair it up with some high quality running shoes?

Indoor Jump Rope for the City Dweller:
Living in NYC, I have learned to break a sweat in some pretty small spaces.  The indoor jump rope is an awesome way to get the heart rate up without wreaking your apartment. Plus, it counts calories and number of jumps.

Fitness Tracker for the Health Nut:
These gadgets are pretty cool.  The Fitbit (or others like the Verge) can track steps, calories, sleep, floors, heart rate, and they have a GPS.  All your daily activities can me drawn out in graphs so you can compare each day to the next.

Earmuff Headphones for the Runner:
These earmuffs are AMAZING! I have been there… trying to run in winter weather and your earbuds are pressing uncomfortably into your ears by your fleece headband. Problem solved! Headphones and earmuffs all in one amazing product. I am sad I didn’t create it myself…

Personal Training for EVERYONE:
Okay, so I had to throw this in there, right? Working with a personal trainer can (and should) change your life for the better.  You can learn so much about yourself in terms of physical and mental strength when you have someone there to support you every step of the way.  Mind Body Fitness NYC offers gift certificates for private personal training and yoga.  You can buy a package of sessions or a dollar amount!  If you are reading this blog: BUY 3 session for only $165! Use code: GIFTBLOG. *New clients only.  Must be given as a gift.

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