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Simple Summer Slim Down

I found myself in an interesting situation early this spring…I looked in the mirror one morning and realized I was not warm weather ready! This winter was particularly brutal and mentally daunting, and my body was feeling the effects. I was not able to get outside to run as much as usual due the snow, ice, and FREAKING cold weather. My rule is that if your nose hairs freeze when you inhale then it’s too cold to run.
I had also let my guard down on the nutrition end. Chocolate covered caramels sprinkled with sea salt had somehow made their way on to the shopping list regularly…That is dangerous territory.

I was not only surprised, but also disappointed when I actually weighed myself. (This is not something I do very often) I was 5lbs heavier than I was last fall! Eek! So, yes, even personal trainers have rough patches, but I tried not to panic. Hey, I am a trainer! 5lbs is nothing if you set some guidelines and stick to them. So that is exactly what I did. And here I am, 5 weeks later and 5lbs lighter, back to my ideal weight.
Realistic lifestyle changes create real results, so I built a structure that I knew I could stick to.

Here are some small changes I made that helped me slim down for summer...

No alcohol on weeknights
I will admit that the first few days were tough with this one. My time to unwind at the end of the day is precious. Chasing a toddler around while running a small business is stressful, and I felt entitled to that glass of wine (or 2) to calm my nerves. BUT When I reminded myself that the calories are empty, alcohol is a depressant, and not great for my general health and well-being… The drinking didn’t seem so important.

Change up the exercise routine
All winter I had been watching Youtube workout videos in my living room (and sometimes I ran in between nose hair freezing days). I didn’t want to do another burpee or pushup ever again! My motivation was waning, and my body was bored with the same old exercises. So to mix it up a bit I started swimming! It felt good to work muscles that were not use to being worked. Mentally it was a break too. I was now able to enjoy my workouts instead of dreading them.

Stop snacking
This is a challenge no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead. At home, in the office, before bed, basically any time we are not eating a meal we are tempted to snack.
I found myself snacking on my daughter’s dinner and then eating my own dinner about an hour later after she went to bed. Why do organic chicken nuggets taste so good?! To stay on track I would basically slap my own hand away every time I went to take a bite of the toddler dinner. Some good old fashion will power got me out of the habit, and now I am not nearly as tempted.

Think positive
Self-talk is really important when you are trying to stay on track. In my low moments I hear that little voice in my head picking on my body and saying hurtful things. Taking a moment to recognize those thoughts and consciously choosing different, more positive thoughts can keep moral up. Like “Hey, look how small my waist looks when I engage my core,” instead of saying “Remember to suck in that gut, fatty.” Positive thoughts lead to positive results.

Good luck to everyone who is on a slim down journey, but remember that the number on the scale is not the only indicator of health and well-being. Do your best to eat right and stay active. And if losing a few pounds makes you feel good too, then go for it!

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