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June 2013

3 Simple Vaycay Workouts

I see it every summer:  Clients work very hard to get in shape for vacation. They want to look amazing in a bathing suit (or at least feel comfortable wearing one in public). They work hard; see results, and BAM – vacation hits! A few margaritas and a couple of hotdogs later they end the summer back were they started.  I try to emphasize the importance of maintenance even throughout the summer months.  Just because you are out of your regular routine doesn’t mean you can’t find fun ways to incorporate fitness into your vacation. A healthy lifestyle should include exercise no matter where you are, so here are 3 simple workouts you can try on your getaway.

The Hotel Room Circuit:

Try this strength circuit in any room (hotel or other). No equipment is needed, except for a stopwatch, and you will be a sweaty mess when it is over.  Thank goodness you are only a few feet away from the shower! Preform each exercise for one minute, and take a 30 second rest between exercises.

Warm up:
3 – 5 minutes of jumping Jacks 

Forearm Plank
Wall Sit
Squats (or jump squats for extra challenge)

Repeat 3 times through!

Beach Yoga for the Core:

I LOVE doing yoga on the beach. The sound of the ocean not only syncs beautifully with the rhythm of the breath, but it also provides a super soothing soundtrack.  Plus, the sand makes balancing very tricky, so the core muscles have to work a little harder even in the most basic poses.  Bring your mat to the beach, and try this balancing sequence to keep your core in check. 

Warm Up:
5 - 10 rounds of Sun Salutation A (or your favorite variation).

Balancing sequence:
Take 5 to 10 breaths in each pose and then slowly, with control move to the next.

Mountain Pose
Tree Pose
Standing Big Toe Pose
Warrior 3
High Lunge
Standing Split (With or without hands on the ground)
Forward fold
Mountain pose 

Repeat on Left side

The Pool Workout: 

You don’t have to be a great swimmer to feel the benefits of working out in water.  Below you will find a cardio interval workout you can do in any pool.  It will keep you cool, protect your joints, and you don’t need perfect swim technique.

Warm up:
Jog in place (in the water) for 3 to 5 minute.

Cardio Intervals:

Swim any stroke (free style, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly, or even doggie paddle!) the length of the pool as fast as you can.

Walk through the water back to your starting point. 

Repeat that cycle 20 to 30 times.

Here are some online resources if you have questions about form, technique, or execution of any of these exercises.  Or feel free to contact me directly with questions!

Swim technique:  http://www.swimsmooth.com/

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