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Overcoming the Weight Loss Hurdle - Kerri's Story

Not only was Kerri one of my very first clients when I moved to New York City, but as it turned out Kerri was (and is) one of my most hard working clients. By changing her diet and staying active 5 to 6 times per week, she initially dropped 20 lbs and several inches from her hips waist and thighs. She had to give away old clothes and buy new ones. She turned in the baggy sweat pants for tight fitting LuLu Lemon attire, and she was able to proudly sport snug cocktail dresses at special events...which of coarse made way for tons of well deserved compliments. It was incredibly exciting to witness her progress. Experiences like these make my job awesomely rewarding.

Her weekly regimen included 2 strength and cardio sessions with me, 2 to 3 interval sessions on the elliptical, and a yoga class. For most people that may sound like a lot of exercise, but she made it part of her everyday life in order to reach her goals, which she did with flying colors.

After some time Kerri's weight loss began to slow down, even though she was staying active and eating right. This is what is called a weight loss plateau, and it is a common bump in the road for many people trying to lose a substantial amount of weight. The body's metabolism readjusts to it's new weight and becomes efficient in the daily exercises. Needless to say, Kerri became frustrated when the scale would not budge. To make it over that hurtle, one must find a way to kick start the body back into weight loss mode, so we decided to plan a 2 week intensive which included an increase in intensity of her workouts and a new set dietary guidelines.

We set a schedule that would have Kerri working out with me almost every day for 2 whole weeks! If you have ever worked out with me you may understand what kind of challenge she was up against. Soon enough we were using the term “hell weeks”... in a loving kind of way. On top of the increase in exercise I sent Kerri a strict set of dietary guidelines which included a 3 day juice cleanse. (If you are curious to learn more about cleansing read my blog post “To Cleanse or not to Cleanse”)

I have never done a 2 week intensive with a client before, so I was a little nervous about the results. I want Kerri to reach her goals just as much as she does, and if we ended up in the same place at the end of the 2 weeks I would have felt awful. BUT, the measurements don't lie! After all her hard work Kerri lost 5.6 pounds, took off an inch from her waist, abdomen, hips, and highs. Yay, Kerri! The hope now is that if Kerri continues with some of the food changes and keeps working out intensely her body will continue to shed the pounds.

See what Kerri had to say about her experience...

"I’ve been working out with Meghan for over two years now and I’ve made some HUGE strides – I don’t remember whose idea it was to do the two week intensive but I do know that both Meghan and I took to the idea like it was the best thing since sliced bread. The premise was simple. Kill me, over a two week period, and oh also not let me eat anything. At least that’s how it felt by the end. But you know what, it was worth it. My biggest takeaways are that 1) you actually can make a noticeable change in two weeks if you’re willing to work out hard and eat healthy and 2) two weeks is a long time when you’re working out hard and eating only healthy. I think the cleanse was really important because it got me into the right mindset, right at the beginning and it really forced healthy food choices. The food stuff was my biggest open question – I eat really healthy for breakfast and lunch but have a tendency to snack at dinner, and even if I’m snacking on stuff that isn’t really “bad” for you, I’m not necessarily eating things that are good either. Meghan was really helpful with this piece of it – she sent me a bunch of recipes and gave me an easy list of items that I could eat as much as I wanted, items I could eat in moderation and items I should avoid if possible. The hardest thing for me to avoid was dairy – I love having cereal for breakfast in the morning and I think cheese is one of the best inventions ever. The easiest thing for me to do was eat all the fruit I could handle. At this point, the big question I think most people would ask is, would you do this again? And the answer is, without a doubt, yes. It’s not easy but it’s worthwhile. I could totally see this being something I would want to do either quarterly or two or three times a year. However, if I were to do it again, I’d make a few changes. Meghan and I built in one day off, about a week into the two week intensive. You’re decreasing your intake and upping your exercise, and your body and mind will notice this and they will be tired. Very tired. If I were to do it again, I’d work out hard for 4-5 days, take a day off, work out hard again for another 4-5 days, another day off and then finish strong with another 4-5 days of working out. I think that would make a huge difference. But that aside, I managed to survive what I quickly dubbed “hell weeks” strongly and managed to meet all my goals. And now I can’t wait to have some ice cream… after all, I’ve earned it! But all kidding aside – I want to maintain my new weight loss but I also want to be able to live which means I now have to balance the ability to go out to dinner and have a glass of wine, or to have some ice cream, with the fact that these are things that I still need to do in moderation. I will also try to maintain some of my workout habits – Meghan came up with some extra difficult workouts that I think we should put into our regular rotation to keep my muscles surprised and constantly working."

In total Kerri has now lost 27.4 pounds...and counting. Take a look at these before and after photos. So inspiring! We will keep you updated on Kerri's progress.

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