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June 2011

Introducting ReNew Nutrition!

I tell my personal training clients on our very first session, "I am not the magic pill. The scale will not change just because I show up 2 times a week." It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to lose weight. Exercise AND healthy eating have to go hand in hand to achieve any sustainable weight loss. You can ask any of my clients who have shed substantial pounds. They will all agree that they had to make wise dietary choices in addition exercising regularly.

I have gone through my own struggle with weight throughout the years.  Exercise was never a problem for me.  I LOVE to sweat and move and feel sore the next day! But my weight would go up and down even though I was active, and it was incredibly frustrating.  I was not eating the things my body needed to maintain a healthy weight. I would stave my self thinking it would help. I was eating nothing but granola bars and drinking coffee. Eventually I would breakdown and binge on pizza or ice cream.  It was my lack of knowledge that was holding me back. Even the Food Pyramid that I leaned about in elementary school was out dated and incorrect.  As I began to read more about nutrition I learned the importance of a diet full (and I mean REALLY FULL) of fruits and veggies.  I learned the dangers of processed and fatty foods. And I learned that I could still eat the ice cream...as long as it was eaten in moderation.  Now I maintain a healthy weight and I never have to stave myself!

We all have different life experiences and struggles, so I wanted to connect with a professional who I would feel comfortable referring my clients to for nutritional advice.  That's why I contacted Rachel Venokur-Clark from Renew Nutrition. Rachel is a holistic nutritionist who has had great success in helping clients reach their weight loss goals. You've got the exercise routine down, but you still want to see better results? Then it's time to take your wellness to the next level with ReNew!

You can learn more about ReNew below, or better yet visit Rachel's website...

Rachel Venokur-Clark, (CHC, AADP)
ReNew...for a new you - "Nutrition for the Mind and Body"

ReNew…for a new you specializes in personalized, custom holistic nutrition programs that will help you transition away from the standard American diet to a more plant-based way of eating for a reduction in chronic health symptoms, weight loss, overall vitality and optimum sexual health. Increase your overall health, energy, stamina and vitality. 
 Stop counting calories and start focusing on what really matters. Finally learn what is going to feed your body, mind and soul for lasting results.

Rachel guides her clients through a wealth of personalized holistic health information, and couples that with sincerity and empathy for her client's specific health challenges.  Whether you are looking to clean up your diet, lose weight, control your symptoms, increase your quality of life or make a full transition, her coaching will empower you to make long lasting choices that work specifically for you. 
The program can either be done in person in NYC or over the phone.

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