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Introducing...The Perfect Balance!

I have clients that practice yoga, and I have clients that work out in the gym.  Both approaches can keep you healthy inside and out, but depending on your fitness goals it may be smart to mix up your routine.  Yoga can offer things that the gym cannot, and vice versa.  Because I wanted to provide my clients with optimal results (and keep them interested and motivated) I created a fun new workout that combines it all--The Perfect Balance!

Most of my clients have very similar goals (weight loss, stress relief, longevity), so if these goals ring true to you The Perfect Balance may be a great alternative to what you are doing now (or lack there of).

Here is what yoga can offer that the gym cannot:

-Flexibility- While practicing yoga you are stretching the muscles and connective tissues while simultaneously strengthening them.  This not only leaves the body more flexible, but creates a longer, leaner look.  Lifting weights in the gym has the tendency add bulk because more time is spent lifting weights, not stretching.

-Healthy organs and glands- Much of the bending and twisting involved in the yoga practice is not just for the muscles and joints. The movements are meant to massage and stimulate your inner organs and glands to allow the body to function more efficiently.  Most traditional training programs are not designed with these goals in mind.

-Calm mind- While breaking a sweat in the gym can reduce stress to some degree, yoga takes it to the next level.  Meditation and breath work are wonderful ways to calm the mind and create a happier more fulfilling life.

Here is what the gym can offer that yoga cannot:

-High intensity cardio- For healthy heart and lungs AND for weight loss goals, high intensity cardiovascular training is a must. While yoga can raise the heart rate to some extent, it is usually not enough to see weight loss results.

So, what is The Perfect Balance?  It’s a seamless combination of yoga and traditional strength and cardio training.  Imagine a standard vinyasa yoga class with cardio intervals and resistance sets interspersed throughout the practice.  You may experience jumping jacks, squats, biceps curls, and burpees as you flow from warrior to warrior.  It is a fun and non-stop workout that will get the heart racing but leave you calm and radiant by the end.  Plus, I can create a session for all levels- beginner through advanced.  There is no need to have experience with yoga or the gym!

I am really excited to share this new program with others.  Spread the word or give it a try yourself! :)

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